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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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they fought in kansas city just like they did in pittsburg, just like they did in washington and just like they did in st. louis until that last ball of the season that they love. tim flanery, the nitty gritty dirt band. and the grittiest of them all is a 25-year-old lefty who in the last few weeks established himself as the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball! [ cheers and applause ] 4.0 in three world championships,.25 e.r.a. and a game 7 wednesday
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night, madison bumgarner emerged from the right field bullpen like a warrior in the battlefield and not sustaining 5 inning, a complete shut out five games earlier. remarkable. [ cheers and applause ] our mvp. something else, i want to share something else that's remarkable. it's something without which we would not be here today and that's the giants ownership group. they saved the team in 1992. they agreed to take the risk of building a privately financed ballpark in 2000 and they now supported us through three world series
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championships. i wanted today especially recognize a family that sets the stage for these celebrations with their constant love and devotion and that's the burns family who through their heroic leadership not just saved the team but carried the team forward to this day with the original guidance of the late stuart burns who we think about often and now their family members gracefully carry on. please acknowledge trina and steven humphrey. [ cheers and applause ] we met our alumni earlier and quite frankly baseball has always been about family to so many of us. the stories and love for the game are passed from generation to generation. i think about the children here today who sometimes some day will
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be telling their children about the 2014 giants and madison bumgarner just like our parents told us about willie mays and willie mckudy. my father passed away and i miss him tonight but i carry his passion in my just like my wife and children carry it in them. so baseball is the most beautiful of sports because it's continuous in that way. each new generation of fans are stewards of this great game. no generation has been more committed, more passionate than the fans of the san francisco giants towed doctor --
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today, right here and right now. thank you very much. thank you for celebrating and let's get back here next october. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] o >> thank you and congratulations again. now, fans to say a few words right now, i want to bring to the podium a beautiful mind, a beautiful baseball mind. he's been longstanding in baseball since 1996, during his 16 years as general manager he has seen 7 and 5 national league west division and four national league and give it to
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the general manager, the man who put this team together, mr. brian sabian! [ cheers and applause ] >> before we hear the sign pablo chant, i think i'm a little light, larry, not enough, right pablo? brought that on myself. you know, in the last three run each championship and each experience has been so different. the one common theme which everybody that knows me knows i hate it so much is dealing with the press and i don't mean that in a bad way but it floors me and fascinates necessity on the -- me on the other hand and
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people ask why and if you are around the organization you will know why. larry is unsurpassed in any organization of all sports, the commemorative organization group which is longstanding, the front office which is so consistent in their commitment to excellence, their loyalty, the office is beyond what the contract reads, what the players bring. it doesn't stop in the minor league, it continues in the major league. a roster. our group is as good as any. we have probably more long tenured employees on the baseball side of any organization and that's amazing to me. everybody is kicking around
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the word dynasty. so i'm going to throw this out here. it doesn't make any difference what anybody else thinks. we are our own dynasty within our own organization, within our own city, with this team this is how they are going to be remembered. any other definition does not apply. the greatest thing accomplished this year was it wasn't against all odds, it wasn't because we didn't deserve it, it's because these guys have mortality -- more -- talent than they think they do and it showed throughout the playoffs how they stood together and took on every and any opponent whether it was a game in washington for the seventh game in kansas city. i'm proud to be a giant. i hope it doesn't take long to return to a podium like this, but
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god bless the fans, you are the driving force. god bless this city that so embraces everything we are about and i can't say enough about my feelings today for our whole organization, the appreciation that we feel. having said that, before i bring up our hall of fame manager on a personal note, i want to god bless jim, don zimmer and zalewski who passed away this year. thank you very much. >> i called my players warriors, you
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are warriors for coming out in this rain. this has been awesome. as many of you know in 2010, i nicknamed the misfits. it's a group that came together and got it done. in 2012 our model was never say die and of course this year it was yes, yes, yes. i called them warriors. this is a team that silenced a crowd in pittsburg in their house. [ cheers and applause ] and this is a team that beat st. louis twice in their house. and this is a team i said twice, i'm sorry. this is a team that beat washington twice in their house in st.
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louis, and this is a team that had to go to kansas city and win the world championship in their house. [ cheers and applause ] this is the best postseason team in they are is ---er era. in this group here, i want to thank them and i told them a couple days ago before the 7th game, what a great honor for me to manage such a tremendous team and a gutsy team like these guys and they never got to see a die attitude. they don't care if the odds are against them. they come out and they play for you and they play for each other and they keep coming at you.
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so, i want to tell them in front of all of you now, their fans, i want to tell them thanks for their warrior spirit and the fact that i got to manage this gutsy group. thank you, guys. and to you fans, out there, believe me, never never question. you did help us get through what was a tough year. as larry mentioned we had a tough time, but we looked out there and there was a sea of orange. you are our force and they feed off that force and i feed off that force. i want to say, thanks, thank you, thank you for your tremendous support all year. [ cheers and applause ]
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you know, for me to manage this group in this city and with all you fans is truly a blessing. i mean that, thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] give it up for bruce bochy! [ cheers and applause ] three won championships under his leadership and guidance. amazing. now, everyone i am pleased to introduce to you the best spanish broadcast team in all of baseball. the voice of the giants on spanish radio for the past 16 seasons ernie and his partner who wore
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orange and black since 1964. cesar puentes. >> all right. yes, three times in five 5 years. it's unbelievable, right? if i reflect on the post season for this year, it was actually torture. for the very first time in my career i felt very nervous in game 7. i kept blaming the cold but
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it wasn't the cold. but just to be standing up here in front of you guys, all of you fans back over there, i just feel privileged and i want to say thank you to the whole giants team. these 25 guys that make this possible. it's made me part of this for the third time. i want to say thanks to everybody. we can have a round of applause, please. [ applause ] [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] . [ spanish ]
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>> do you want to say a few words in english? >> in 2012 it's only english and now it's only spanish. okay. all right. now please, those from
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venezuela, let's hear it for our pablo sandoval! [ cheers and applause ] how are you guys doing? [speaking spanish]
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>> all right. let's hear it for pablo sandoval and gregor blanco. >> all right. we are not done yet. we have two more players and they are coming to talk to you guys.
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jeremy affeldt and javier lopez. let's hear it for them. >> i'm just going to keep this short and sweet. no. 1, san francisco! all right. thank you guys. we couldn't do it without you. i want to thank s for letting us have him and i want to thank the other half of the broadcast team. they bring it every night. i personally want to thank the girls that bring it to you guys in the clubhouse that participated
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in too many champagne baths. amy jing. >> hola! we just put matt bum on the rings. he gets a lot of credit, he deserves a lot of credit but i know i have been part of an awe some bullpen. i know we don't get a lot of credit so i want to do that. i'm really proud to be part of an unbelievable bullpen. all the guys have been awesome. i got to play with four guys.
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cassillo, romo. i'm very proud to be a part of this bullpen and i hope you are too. i got asked a lot of questions in the playoffs this year. the common question is what do we need to do to win a ring. we didn't need to win anything. we didn't need to go beat kansas city in game 7. we wanted to beat pittsburg. we wanted to beat st. louis and we wanted to beat game 7 in my
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last thing i want to tell you, you were wearing these sweat shirts. we saw the phrase, take the crown, and that's what royalty wears. they we're -- wear that. this is a dynasty. if you have been to a major league baseball field, and if you come to a giants game, we know how hard it is to win these games. i'm proud to be here next to the gentlemen behind me who played their hearts out. their families, our fans, we can wear our different shirts. and we say to our fans and families, we say kiss the ring. and i'm very proud of it.
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>> all right. now it's my pleasure to introduce the best tv announcers. let's hear it for them. >> all right. how is everybody? we as broadcasters have the best job that you could ever imagine and i will tell you why. we have a fan base that is like no other fan base in this country and if someone were to say, well, can you explain why they are different, it really is hard to explain. but i realized that the best way to explain it is to go back to game 7 on wednesday with one out in the
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ninth inning there was a pop up and was hit down the first baseline and it was caught by a giraffe. and we get that. so does our fan base and the biggest day of the year was a pop up down the third baseline and it was caught by a panda and you guys get that.
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post-season but didn't the la dodgers their. >> fired that's not bad. >> the giants traveled to pittsburgh it is so elimination game i poetry were favored guess what the pittsburgh pirates.
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>> fired. >> now on nationals only paper the giant don't have a change well, guess what the nationals their. >> fired yes they are you bet now the cardinals this has been a robbery for a long times the cardinals their. >> fired. >> all right. we'll safe the best formulas royals have home field advantage and take it to game 7 their pretty good with you they're not here we are the kansas city royals they are. >> fired. >> yes. they are and here's my partner mike thank you.
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(clapping.) thank you smooth. >> we've been praying for rains and parades we get them on the same day how cool is that? 1982 i got trade to the san francisco giants and got a phone call from my roommates he was raised in the bay area a die hard giants fanny the first thing he said was congratulations you're going to the land of the buildingers (clapping.) and he was right and that's who we are you believes in this team since 1958 the first time at seals
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stadium this group of players and every player that we're the giants uniform believed in your belief it fuels us and give us personality we sing about it every eight inning at the braurp the guy who wrote it sins it with us we've become the center of the basketball world nobody has it better than us (clapping.) but my favorite thing in the post-season was after game one in kansas city a writer asked paul that's a pretty good crowd and paul said it was but we get that every night (clapping.) and every one of those guys will never take you for granted
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you're one day will be great your belief and pride is the backbone of every accomplishment they've ever had that allows me to stand here before you today for the third time in 5 years and i can say we are the giants. (clapping.) >> we're san francisco and we're the world champions (clapping.) all right. let's take a deep breath we have a little bit more business to call up a guy that started his career onless other side of the bay and got to pitch two games in the world ser


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